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The FB-C6 enclosure is a flexible, pre or post-construction square acoustic foam box. Designed for 6.5-inch in-ceiling speakers (see full compatibility list below), the FB-C6 provides a better enclosed environment for the speaker, thereby improving the sound quality while also reducing sound transfer into other rooms. Using additional framing, the FB-C6 can be mounted in-between joists or trusses during construction or for post-construction installation, simply fold the FB-C6, push through the speaker’s mounting hole, and it will expand inside the ceiling. Once the FB-C6 is in place, install the speaker which, along with gravity and insulation, will easily keep the FB-C6 in position.

The FB-C6 works with the following speaker models: A-600, SI-615, VA-607, VA-615, VM-615, VA-615DS, VF-615, VA-615L, and VM-615L.

Attenuation: Up to 9dB
(Outside) 12.75" H x 12.75" W x 6.5" D (324mm H x 324mm W x 165mm D)
(Cutout) 9.75" H x 9.75" W x 5" D (248mm H x 248mm W x 127mm D)
Weight: .60 lbs. (.27 kg)